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It Matters What You Say About Us  -  Watch Videos Of Real Patient Treatments Below

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Jack Facciolo, D.O.: Chief of Orthopedics at Cape Regional Medical Center
- Rio Grand, NJ

ATM2 - (Active Therapeutic Movements) 

Joe Tucci:  "Mitch & This Machine  (ATM2) Are Absolutely Amazing!  In
One Treatment I am pain free." "You have to experience this for

Dr. Suketu Nanavati MD - Cape May Court House, NJ


Testimonial By Pam Berry - Severe Back Pain - Various medical tests were performed trying to figure out why the patient was having the problems she was having! They thought she had Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, and other possible conditions! KISS: Keep It Simple St....


Testimonial By Linda Corcoran - Total Knee Replacement Patient
With Knee Flexion Contracture (Knee Healed In Bent Position)


Manual Therapy + Spinal Decompression + ATM2 = Success!

Jason Carl: Severe Low Back Pain - Acute Spinal Deformity (Lateral Shift). Onset was due to lifting up a 2 x 4.  The patient has a history of intermittent low back pain; this was his most severe episode.


The following takes you through 3 days of treatment!

DAY 1: Sorry, No Photo - Camera Wasn't Available.

DAY 2:
Photo below and to the left: Although the patient received a full treatment on Day 1, he still presents with an
Acute Deformity (Lateral Shift). However, the deformity is Not Nearly As Pronounced As The Previous Day, (DAY 1)!

Photo below & to the right: Wall Shift Exercise To Help Correct Shift in standing!


DAY 3: Photo Below & to the left: Manual Shift Correction Technique To Help Correct Acute Deformity! Backward Bending is added to patient's tolerance.

Photo below & to the right: Lumbar (low back) extension with mechanical decompression (traction). Prior to decompression, the patient worked on lumbar extension without decompression.

Photos from DAY 2: ATM2 for Lumbar Extension. While in the ATM2, Pain was Abolished! Post ATM2 & all other treatments, Pain Remained Abolished.

DAY 3: Photo below & to the left: Shift Correction Using The ATM2
Photo Below & to the right: Shift Correction with folded pillow.

DAY 3: Photo below & to the left: Lumbar Extension Fully Restored. Originally the patient could not forward bend or backward bend 'AT ALL' due to Severe Pain! Photo below & to the right: Post Treatment Posture


                                  DAY 2 - BEFORE                         DAY 3 - AFTER

Jason received the same series of treatments
on each Day he attended Physical Therapy!

Note: The acute spinal deformity was Much More Pronounced on Day 1, however, no camera was available. 
No Pain Is Present Post Treatment!

The patient will need to be seen for subsequent visits in order to ensure stability of his condition & progress him through a
complete physical rehabilitation program!

Caution: Many or Most Medical &/or Health Care Providers Simply Do Not Know How To Properly Treat An Acute Spinal Deformity Such As This!

Procedures Are Subtle & They Must Be Skillfully Applied &

Procedures Must Be Applied Immediately Upon Onset!
Any Delay In Treatment Could Result In Treatment Failure!

I have had patient's in the past with similar deformities who received 'Manipulation' by another health care provider which resulted in Severe Disc Protrusion Requiring Surgery!
Here's Jason on a subsequent visit. On the left image, notice he can be fully  'over-corrected' without difficulty or pain, he can also bend backward.  The right image shows shift over-correction (pelvis toward his left)
with isometrics added to his right side. 

ATM2 - (Active Therapeutic Movements) 
Devon: first treatment session.

Devon: "This is the first time I've had relief for
my back pain since 2003. Thank You So Much!"

ATM2 (Active Therapeutic Movements) DOES IT AGAIN!
Carolyn Hicks: ATM2 For Low Back Pain


Carolyn Hicks: ATM2 For Hip Pain

Carolyn Hicks: Manual Therapy For The Cervical Spine (Neck)

Carolyn Hicks: "I came to see Mitch in his Physical Therapy practice on 10/03/08.  I've had pain for over 2 years and I was basically bed ridden.  I was in a car accident 08/2006.  I have been through a full series of shots for my lower back, my shoulders (which gave me little to no help) I had low back, mid back, right hip pain; the pain went down my legs to my knees, I couldn't raise my arms above my head.  I have been through it all, therapy, medications, chiropractic; I've seen too many doctors to list.  All of these gave me little to no relief; so I was apprehensive when I was told I had to go to Physical Therapy and receive treatment once again.  My chiropractor told me it was useless and just another way of getting money from the insurance company.  He said it would be like a band aid providing only temporary and insignificant relief at best.
To my surprise, a new physical therapist had taken over the practice in N. Cape May, NJ where I had attended previously.   He's a certified spinal pain specialist (McKenzie certified).  Mitch was very nice, caring and sensitive; his manual skills helped me immensely; my neck moves more easily and the ATM2 machine (based upon physical therapy principals) was the best thing that happened to me for my back pain.  On the first visit I was an 8/9 on a 0 to 10 pain scale at best.  I was strapped into the ATM2 by a 'Back Project' trained physical therapist, Mitch, and for the first time in over 2 years I had no pain. I was actually able to perform some (restorative) exercises in the machine without any pain.  I have little to no pain now due to this machine and Mitch's skilled care.

I feel Wonderful, this machine, the physical therapist are Wonderful! I was in such pain and so depressed that I had little quality of life.  Thank you Mitch and Back Project (manufacturers of the ATM2); I now have a New Outlook on life!  I came home after my first visit and walked around the house to show my famiy that I could walk normally gain. I didn't think I would ever have this quality of life again! I can now play with my granddaughter again!

Click here to see other testimonials relative to the ATM2 on the web site

             ATM2 (Active Therapeutic Movements)

Elaine's First Treatment On The ATM2
40+ Year History Of Chronic Back Pain, Fibromyalgia
& Past Surgeries

Elaine's Testimonial 5 Months After Beginning Treatment
With The ATM2 - PART I

Elaine's Trestimonial 5 Months After Beginning Treatments
With The ATM2 - PART II

Pain Scale 0 = No Pain; 10 = The Worse Imaginable Pain

Elaine has had Chronic and Constant low back pain for over 40 years. She has suffered over the years from significant degenerative disc disease and stenosis and underwent a lumbar laminectomy in 2003.  Complicating Elain's condition even further, she was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  The Fibromyalgia is reported to have really affected her tolerance to activity.

Since using the ATM2 Elaine hasn't had any severe flare-ups / episodes of increased LBP.

Elaine: "I initially thought to myself, well, I doubt it (the ATM2) will help considering how long I've had pain and how bad the pain has been over the years, but it can't hurt, I may as well try it.  After using the ATM2 I was absolutely shocked at the immediate change in my pain level and improved range of motion.  I plan to continue using the ATM2. I’m a particular tough case with complex problems, so I'm amazed I responded as I have and I plan to continue to improve with continued use of the ATM2. I never would have thought this was possible; to get this kind of relief in this short period of time after having 40 years of pain!  This is absolutely remarkable."

This is Jack Jennings. He is a famous musician who played with the original 'Rat Pack', Carol Burnett TV show; he played    on Woody Allen and Mel Brooks’ movies and has a host of other musical accomplishments to his name! Several years ago Jack had to have a 'Total Knee Replacement."       

 Jack: "I was told I'd never get any better, that I plateaued with my previous rehabilitation and there was nothing more that could be done.  My balance was off, I hadn’t played my Vibraphone for over 3 years because of having to stand & be able to move quickly up & down the keys; I need to have balance. Well, now I’m back in action. I'm playing music again and have my balance back. Professional Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation gave me the program I needed to get to where I am today.

"My name is Emil
y Barrett, and I am a patient of Mitchell Hackerman in therapy.    I am a retired art teacher of 30 years & aside fom my love of painting I am an enthusiastic traveler and gourmet cook. Due to a bout of breast cancer years ago, I was left with a lymphedemic arm, and when I suddenly developed a severe pain in that shoulder and my activities were halted, I became concerned. That is how I found myself in therapy with Mitchell Hackerman at the Professional Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation center.

I have experienced physical therapy before, but never in the atmosphere & attention I've discovered in my sessions with Mitch. There is a convivial Spirit.. a camaraderie among the  patients present which bolsters one's optimism for results; seeing the healing process evidenced & hearing the positive results from other patients helps one to persevere.

The mobility in my arm, to date, has improved, & my pain has greatly lessened.     I would recommend Mitchell Hackerman's therapy sessions to anyone."

Emily also benefited from using the ATM2 for her shoulder condition.

This is David Hausladen. He suffered a Tri-Planar Ankle Fracture. Surgery was performed which involved metal plates & screws.  David was extremely concerned he would not be able to return to Football. After just over a month, David is back to his Favorite Sport! 

David: "Mitch, I was writing to thank you for helping me recoup my ankle in the short amount of time that you worked with me. Your understanding of knowing when to be conservative and when to push me is the reason I am returning to football this fall.  I came into therapy with my head down, by your sense of humor made me cheer up and continue to work hard and smile at the same time."

This is Juliana Ford.  Juliana had a partial right knee replacement 6 years ago.  Due to complications over time she underw
ent a Total right Knee Replacement.

Juliana: "Mitch, thank you so much for your skill and providing me with the attention I needed during my rehabilitation. During my last doctor’s appointment, the doctor told me that if my knee doesn't bend more by my next appointment in 2 weeks he was going to do surgery again.

On my next visit, he was absolutely astonished; he couldn't believe I made so much progress in such a short time period. I asked him if he felt over 2 1/2 to 3 hours in physical therapy was too long and he told me,"No it's not too long and please thank him (Mitch) for me.  I am so grateful that I don't have to have any further surgery. I will refer everyone and anyone I know to you."

This is John P.  John had undergone extensive surgery of the cervical spine (neck) and has had metal plates and screws implanted.

John: "My neck pain has drastically reduced since Mitch started treating me with manual therapy."

This is Barbara Goshen.  Barbara suffered from a Traumatic Shoulder Dislocation with significant disruption to the Brachial Plexus (nerve network that runs from the neck into the arm all the way to the fingers), ligaments, tendons & muscle.  Her injury caused her paralysis. She lost complete movement of her fingers, wrist, hand & the back of her upper arm. Any movement available in the upper extremity was minimal.  Barbara also experienced a lot of pain, numbness and pins and needles throughout her arm.  

While the healing process was underway, Barbara underwent an extensive physical therapy regimen to encourage proper healing and to promote functional use and strength of her arm.  We had to closely examine whatever minute muscular contractions we could find so that we could find the best means to encourage active movements.  In this picture you can see that Barbara is able ulnarly deviate (bend her wrist sideways; moving in the direction one's wrist would move if one were hammering a nail).  This was one of the last & most difficult movements to restore.  Barbara's sessions lasted from 2 to approximately 3 hours with sufficient breaks in between. As usual, in order to avoid conflict with insurance companies, we under-bill the insurance companies; we still do not collect everything we charge.  However, it's worth it to see our patients progress and rehab successfully.  

Barbara: "This was my first experience having physical therapy and I couldn't have chosen a better place.  I understand from the other patients that most rehabilitation places have strict time limits with regard to the length of their therapy sessions.  Mitch developed a program that started out slowly and as I became stronger the therapeutic exercises expanded and increased.   I have regained the full use of my shoulder and arm, which I was sure, would 'Not' be possible.  I continue doing exercises at home as I've been instructed to maintain strength and flexibility.  Mitch Hackerman and his staff at Professional Physical therapy & Rehabilitation are friendly, supportive and encouraging.  Thanks So Much!!"

Sue was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and has had difficulties with overall weakness especially in her ankles, and she has had problems with her balance.

Susan: "I 'm actually able to walk up and down the stairs normally, step-over-step, without having to hold on to the railing. I could never do this before. I recently participated in an outdoor art show in Millville, NJ and was capable of handling all of the physical requirements in set-up and take-down, each of which takes about 1 1/2 hours, without feeling nervous, stressed or overly tired relative to my diagnosis. Thank you so much for spending the time with me, now I can continue maintaining my gains by continuing exercises at home."

This is Patricia Olszewski. She was diagnosed with Parkinson's in approximately 1995. she was ascending and descending stairs one step at a time (step-to-step) and had to use a hand rail on one side and a cane in the other hand.  She reported difficulty with moving her legs, difficulty with participating in various activities, such as when trying to use her hands to cook or to remove bowls from a cabinet, walking on changing terrain, up and down ramps, going through doorways and she felt very unsteady when standing upon a stool.   Patricia has had a history of falling since 2000 due to Parkinson's related balance deficits; she reported over 20+ incidences.   Not only did her words relate a propensity to fall, our evaluative testing concurred with this.   

Patricia underwent an extensive program to improve her balance, coordination & functional strength.  She was also found to have limited upper extremity mobility and strength as well.  Patricia's program would be modified in accord with her reported responses at home.  At times she would tire at home more easily, so we modified our program to allow her to have sufficient time for recuperation & more energy for ADL's.  Even doing so, she would often attend physical therapy for 2+ hours, with sufficient break time.

Maintaining and/or improving function is highly reliant upon the motivation, attitude and determination of the respective patient, as is the case with most people rehabbing from a variety of conditions.  Partricia was perhaps my most motivated patient with her diagnosis and her continued positive attitude has helped us help her with her progress.

Patricia:  "I was diagnosed over 13 years ago and I see other people who have only been diagnosed 5 years ago or less and don't move as well as I do. The program you placed me on and encouragement has really made a difference, and yes, I realize that my strong motivation has been important.  As a result of attending therapy with Mitch, I don't have to use a cane any more in my home.  This is a big deal for me.  I used to be fearful of going to the beach with 13 grandchildren because of having to walk on the sand.  I'm still naturally apprehensive, however, I don't have the fear I had before; I'm more confident in my ability to walk on the sand, as well as to walk up and down stairs and ramps."

"Going up and down stairs is so much easier now and I don't have the difficulties I've had going through doorways.  I can go up and down stairs step-over-step now, but I still have to be careful. It's easier for me to use my arms and hands to cook and handle dishes and bowls; although I still want to continue working on this.  My endurance is also better so I plan on walking with my husband in the Irish Parade this year, 9/24/08 which can take about an hour and a half to walk.  My sister is amazed with how well I'm walking compared to before.  I'm glad I found you."

- Song - "Day-Dreaming" - By my band "Remote Control" - Jam Sessions In Durhan, Maine - Taylor Studios

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