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Professional Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, PC
                                      Dr. Mitchell Hackerman, DPT, PT, Cert.MDT, CMT, CFT - 40QA005269


                     650 Town Bank Rd.; Suite 203; N. Cape May, NJ 08204

What Makes Us Different?

  • Physical Therapist Owned: We are 'Free' from the constraints placed on Physical Therapists by Big Corporate Conglomerate Company's - The patient's Always Come First!
  • We Do Not Limit your Treatment Session Time to just 45 to 60 minutes!
  • Fun, Festive, Relaxed, Social Non-Rushed Atmosphere!
  • Return Visits the Same Day as Needed - No Extra Charge!
  • State of the Art Equipment!
  • Specialized Procedures: Mckenzie Certified; Spinal Decompression paid by Insurance; ATM2 for Back, Neck, Hip, and Knee pain; Specialized Manual Therapy, Active Release Soft Tissue Procedures; ASTYM (Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization); Functional Movement Training!
  • Most Insurances Accepted! 
  • No Hassle Resolution to any Billing Discrepancy's!
  • Helping our Patient's Achieve and Exceed Their Rehabilitative Goals and to Help Them Function at their Highest Possible Level!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Our Services

Musculoskeletal / Orthopedic Rehabilitation

  • General sprains and strains
  • Post trauma
  • Post-surgical procedures
  • Post Total Joint Replacements (i.e., Total Knee, Total Hip & Total Shoulder Replacements). 

Specialized Neck & Back Pain Treatments

  • Trained in various procedures, focused upon pain of Spinal Origin
  • The FIRST facility throughout the South Jersey shore region to obtain and to be trained in the use of the ATM2 which was specifically developed to have an IMMEDIATE effect of reducing  &/or eliminating pain of spinal origin. We Have The Most Experience In It's Use! 
  • Functional Movement Training: Once your condition is stabilized, we need to ensure you maximize your ability to perform various movement patterns. 

Soft Tissue Mobilization (STM) & ASTYM

  • ASTYM is a revolutionary process that heals soft tissue problems.  Success is often achieved where other treatment methods have failed! Chronic bursitis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel and scarring.

Specialized Manual Therapy

  • A variety of specific hands-on treatment methods are utilized to treat joints to improve their mobility, range of movement, promote healing and ultimately to reduce pain and restore function.  Manipulation is also performed as deemed appropriate, however, it's one optional tool that can be used and isn't relied upon with each and every patient that enters the facility.  In addition to treating neck and back pain, McKenzie & Mulligan procedures (see above) are the treatments of choice for the joints of the limbs. 

Sports Medicine & Athletic Performance

  • Rehabilitation programs which are developed in accord with each persons respective needs to quickly return one to their respective sports activities; whether a 'high level' athlete or a 'weekend warrior.' We provide manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, the ATM2  and we perform Functional Movement Screens to enhance mobility and Motor Control (Stability) for most sporting activities. Improve your Golf game, be at your best with any sports activity.

Personal Training

  • Personal Training is offered to the General Public as well, however, patient's completing their physical therapy regimen are eligible for a special discount on personal training sessions if they contact our Personal Trainer within 2 weeks following completion of their physical therapy regimen.

Industrial  Rehab/ Functional Capacity Evaluations By 'Industrial Solutions'

  • Focus patient programs on quick, cost effective treatment tailored to address job specific issues. Employee presentations and recommendations to reduce on-the-job injuries. We offer demonstrations in proper body mechanics, materials handling and functional positions to help prevent injury. Functional Capacity Evaluations are available as well. 

Parkinson’s Rehab

  • Focus upon loss of functional independence, loss of balance & coordination.  Therapists work with patients to improve areas of dysfunction.


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