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Custom foot orthotics - Metascan System
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Custom foot orthotics
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The Best Physical Therapy (Fyzical Therapy) in

Cape May County!  

Custom foot orthotics - Metascan System


Custom foot orthotics
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GoFundMe Go Fund Me Hospital Monopoly Big Rehab Corporate Conglomerates Unfair competition Monopolistic Hospitals
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 Laser Therapy, Laser Massage Therapy, Spinal Decompression, ATM2 Active Therapeutics Movement Machine, ASTYM - Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization (Compare to Graston or IASTM), Safety Overhead Support Fall Protection System, Biodex SD Balance System, McKenzie Approach / Method, Body Q, Balance & Vestibular, Dizziness, Vertigo, Custom Foot Orthotics and Footwear, SFMA - Selective Functional Movement Assessment, FMS - Functional Movement System, Chronic Pain, Graded Motor Imagery, Mirror Therapy, FYZICAL123 Pain Topicals, Pain Cream, Pain Gel, Rehab equipment, essentia hypoallergenic organic  mattresses, Home TENS units  - Physical Therapy - Cape May County, NJ.  Fyzical / Physical Therapy & Balance Centers Cape May County, NJ 

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Physical Therapy in Cape May, NJ

The Best Physical Therapy (Fyzical Therapy) in

Cape May County!  

This is a REAL Balance Center, not Yoga! 

We don't know how this lawsuit will affect other Hospitals throughout the country who are apparently doing the same thing, but in the meantime, some of the best private physicians and rehab facilities are having to close their doors due to monopolistic consolidation of medical and rehab services.    Help us have a competitive edge against Monopolistic Hospital & Big Corp Conglomerate  Rehab companies.  Why do we ask for your help? For one, we are trying to protect private practice and protect the delivery of Quality care and are trying to remain competitive in our new Monopolistic health care environment. Considering how many great causes are out there, we certainly understand that this might be at the bottom of your list, but at least understand that without competition from private entities the quality of care is compromised for all. 

Help us preserve & grow Quality Care!  It's getting harder and harder to compete with entities who buy-out our referral sources.  Even though we now enjoy 'Direct Access', (the ability to see patients without a physician referral), many insurance companies still require a physician prescription to be seen by a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  If your physician is employed by a Hospital, where will you likely be referred for your medical and/or rehab needs? 

Hospital-based physical therapy is reimbursed at much much higher rates than private practices are. They are buying out independent physician offices throughout the nation creating a monopolistic environment.  Even with such access to physician patients they still send out letters and post flyers everywhere asking the public and their patients for donations.  Hospital donations are expected to go to Hospital services which 'only' a Hospital can perform.  Well, that's what you'd expect, no?  What Hospital donations do is make it easier for them to drive private medical & rehab professionals out of business.  I'd encourage donations to Hospitals if they were putting 'all' of their funds to good use.  Many Hospitals will state on their website, "Unrestricted gifts are used in the area of greatest need as determined by the Foundation Board."  Who's
greatest need? Somehow the greatest need involved moving into areas that were already well served and cutting primary care physicians out of the decision process because of use of 'Hospitalists' et al?   Even to the point of a privately owned physical therapy practice closing it's doors after years of operation?  This is a wise use of funds, especially while needing to helicopter serious traumatic and/or heart-related cases to other hospitals for care?  Did you donate money in hopes to help Hospitals consolidate services for which studies have shown only encourage increased costs and lower quality? 

There was never a need for Hospital owned primary care physicians and other physicians nor a need for Hospitals to enter the physical therapy outpatient rehab market.  Private entities served and, albeit perhaps to a lesser extent now, serve the public well throughout the country.  However, apparently profit motive has brought them into 'well-served' areas & their monopolistic position (owning the physicians who have the patient's).    While some Hospitals continue to Helicopter nearly every seriously injured person or person in medical distress to other Hospitals, rather than improve their own services to the degree that they can treat these people, they've decided to take the easy route & buy out physicians & take over their patients.   They've decided to open outpatient physical therapy facilities as they have a direct line of patient referals via their employed physicians.  There isn't much advertising they have to pay for when they own primary sources of patient referrals. 

​Private owned practices have no choice but to incur a large expense to advertise and market their service and to notify the public that they have a RIGHT to Choose where to go for their care.  Many people still don't know there are potentially much better options for them; they just go where they are told and Hospitals know this.  It's easy for Hospital operations to call you on the phone to ask, "When would you like to set up your appointment?'  They have information about every patient's visit and what they've been prescribed.  When you answer the phone, you are being herded toward avenues of their financial interest.  

If you are interested in helping us promote our private practice & to help us continue to acquire the best rehab equipment for our patients, if you would like to help us continue to provide care without session time limits (No Clock Watchers), then your donations would be greatly appreciated.   If the Hospitals aren't too proud to ask for donations to make it easier for them to enter 'well-served' markets, then private entities need not be too proud either, especially when you know directly what the money will be used for.   All donated monies go to advertising, marketing &/or rehab equipment.  We are already the best-equipped facility in the region, we want to help our patients even more.  Help bring competition back to the medical and rehab community.  Everyone who knows us sees how we reinvest in our company to make it better and better and to serve the community in ways that no one else can.  

Our practice runs primarily on word-of-mouth and is doing surprisingly well considering the medical/rehab environment. We have several physicians who refer to us as they know we are simply the BEST!    However, every day gets more challenging & we want to ensure we are here to serve the community.  We appreciate your consideration.  Click our GoFundMe button to get further details on what is happening.  Thank You! 

Physical Therapy and Balance is FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, Cape May, NJ.  The BEST FYZICAL (Physical) Therapy facility in the Cape May County Region! . Offering Physical Therapy in North Cape May, NJ Serving the entire Cape May Country Region! Dr. Mitchell Hackerman is the owner and is the Physical Therapist Doctor in Cape May.