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Important Notice regarding our healthcare system: Many Physicians either own their own physical therapy center(s) or more commonly are employed by a Hospital and/or a Big Corporation. There may be financial incentives influencing where they try to send you for your physical therapy. They also 'may' feel obligated, or  actually are obligated to send patient's to employer affiliated physical rehabilitation centers.  Agreements have been forged  by some which involves large physical therapy conglomerates  offering physicians the use of their physical therapists allowing them to bill for physical therapy services (income stream)  In exchange, the physicians pay the physical therapy conglomerate a management fee.  If you need physical therapy and can't receive therapy in their facility, they will likely refer you to their partners facility in your area. In other words, you have become a 'commodity' as opposed to a patient.  Fortunately not all physicians operate this way.  

Hospital based physical therapy centers are able to obtain reimbursement for services rendered during each session at a rate that can be 40%++ over that of a private practitioner and often do not avail you much more than an hour for your care.   Higher costs of healthcare leads toward higher premiums.  If you have had any procedures performed in a Hospital, it is not uncommon to receive a letter requesting 'donations.'  The problem is, your donations may be making it easier for Hospitals to put private practitioners out of business, reduce competition and thereby reduce quality.  There have been several thousand private physical therapy practices put out of business over the past few years because of Hospital and/or similar consolidation of services.  

Private owned facilities typically have greater flexibility with your care with regard to time availed and services rendered.    Additionally no other center is equipped like ours; no other offers 'no session time limits and return visits the same day if needed without extra charges.  This is why it is important you investigate for yourself.

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