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An ATM (Active Therapeutic Movements) based treatment is a combined clinician/patient effort to manage and control musculoskeletal pain and is based upon Physical Therapy principals and the works of Brian Mulligan, PT, PNZP (Hon), Diploma M.T. who is an International Lecturer in manual therapy and a world renowned author and the works fo various other physical therapists. Back Project's ATM2 enables personalized body repositioning for finding unique, pain-free position for each user. Once this position is found, the systems stabilize the patient allowing specific neuromuscular training based on body movement isolation that aims to achieve and sustain immediate pain reduction, increase range of motion, and improve function.  The ATM2 has been shown in studies to activate the spinal core muscles in a way that no other device or exercise can.

ATM2 - Active Therapeutic Movements

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The key is producing a pain-free range of motion which "re-boots" our Central Nervous System (brain and spinal cord). A good analogy for explaining how the ATM2 is able to give lasting pain relief so quickly is to compare the CNS to a computer. When a computer starts to 'hang-up' the fastest way to fix this is to re-boot it. The same is true with the CNS and a painful joint. This device  "clears the slate" and the body starts functioning more efficiently.

Pain Relief can often occur within Minutes

650 Townbank Rd.; Suite 203; N. Cape May, NJ 08204

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Our Objective

Our objective is to enable suitable pain sufferers lead a normal life, controlling their condition independently to improve quality of life. ATM Clinicians will provide immediate significant pain relief for suitable patients.


Significant results of lowered pain level, improved range of motion, improved ability to participate in activities of daily living, sports performance enhancement have been achieved with patients with treatment. These achievements are then maintained and controlled by the patient her/himself using an ATM2 system.

Chronic low back pain

The ability to live without chronic back and neck pain appears to be one of the greatest challenges the medical field faces for many people. In almost all cases, not only can the ATM2 effectively and immediately reduce current symptoms, if the pain levels are eliminated or maintained at a minimum, and the correct muscles are trained as needed, patient control over their own disorder might be within reach.

The ATM concept and Examination

The patient is evaluated to determine whether the ATM Concept is suitable. A full examination is undertaken, and contraindications to the ATM2 are searched for. These include pregnancy, internal diseases or conditions, communication problems, psychological factors and others. The patient's readiness to undertake such a project is required. The most important indicator to use the ATM Concept is the ability to significantly decrease the symptoms using the ATM2.

​Clinical Participation

After the evaluation, and deciding that the patient is suitable for the ATM treatment, the physical therapist will set the patient on the ATM2 so that the specific painful movement will become pain-free. The patient performs 1 to 2 minutes of comfortable pain-free exercises while supported by the patented ATM2 device. Immediately after the treatment the physical therapist will release the patient from the ATM2 and expect the previously painful movement to have an immediate and significant reduction in pain and increase in range of motion. The clinical part will last several sessions depending on the patient's condition.

​Home Program

After successful clinical participation the patient will know how to operate an ATM2 system independently. Daily home exercise sessions using a portable rented or acquired ATM2, at the patient's convenience will provide long-term control over the disorder, and might prevent future episodes