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Do you or anyone you know have Parkinsons Disease or similar Neurological Disorder? 

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If you are planning to consult with us because of Parkinsons, CVA, MS or other similar disorder, please download, print out and fill out, or have someone help you fill out the following questionnaires.  Be sure to bring them in with you.  Leave any question you do not understand or can't answer blank.   Ensure you bring a complete list of your current Medications (med name, dosages) and a detailed Medical History

Essential Organic Mattresses and Pillows
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Laser Therapy, Deep Tissue Laser, Laser, Pain, Inflammation, Neuropathy, Laser Massage
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LSVT BIG - a specialized movement program for people with Parkinson's disease 

LSVT® BIG is a movement based treatment program for people with Parkinson's disease (PD). It is based on the principle of neuroplasticity which means the brain can learn and compensate. It has been adopted from an existing speech therapy program for people with PD called the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT). Research on LSVT has shown that it results in improvements in speech intelligibility and voice loudness. LSVT BIG works on the same principle, using a single therapy focus (BIGNESS of movement) to improve movement quality in PD. Research is showing the benefits of LSVT BIG to improve their ability to participate in activities of daily living. 

Movement problems in Parkinson's disease

People with PD have trouble moving normally. Their movements are usually slower and smaller and they may shuffle or freeze when they walk. Some experience falls and problems with their balance. For most, movement problems can be overcome temporarily when they are "cued" or prompted (either by themselves or by another person or thing) to move better (i.e. "take a big step", "stand up straight").

How LSVT BIG works

The aim of the intensive LSVT BIG training is improve people's ability to make bigger movements. These movements can then be generalized for different functional activities and situations. Initial results of research show that LSVT BIG training leads to:

·         faster walking with bigger steps

·         better balance

·         increased trunk rotation

·         improved quality of life

How is LSVT different from standard fyzical (physical) therapy for PD?

Traditional physical therapy for Parkinson's generally aims to improve flexibility, strength or balance to help actions like getting up from a chair, turning over in bed, or walking. This traditional approach breaks down each action but requires patients to remember multiple instructions for each movement goal. In LSVT, patients simply focus on one goal, to think BIG!

How does it work?

LSVT BIG is delivered by a specially trained physiotherapist over 16 therapy sessions (four sessions a week for four weeks). Participants are encouraged to perform a variety of BIG movements with BIG effort in a series of specifically designed exercises. The focus on one therapy goal (BIGNESS) makes it is easier for patients to participate in this intensive program.

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