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Note: Many Physicians either own their own physical therapy center(s) or are employed by a Hospital and/or a Big Corporation. There may be financial incentives influencing where they try to send you for your physical therapy. They also 'may' feel obligated, or  actually are obligated to send patient's to employer affiliated physical rehabilitation centers.   This is why it is important you investigate for yourself. Come in for a Free Consultation and Compare  Us With The Rest! You Have The Right To Make Your Own Choice! 

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I have been involved in the martial arts for many years! In 2006 I took a trip to China which involved a gathering of Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioners from around the Globe!  I was extremely fortunate to have met my beautiful Russian wife, Anastasia, at a Jade Store/Factory in Beijing China.  A couple of days later, I miraculously met her a second time in Shanghai, China; a 12 hour train ride from Beijing.  I was taking a picture of Buddha at a Buddha Temple. I looked to my left and just a couple of feet away from me was my future wife! If one would have drawn a line and told us to stand on it, we couldn't be more parallel with one another.  From then on, everything is history.

Pictured above is me, the owner of Professional Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, my wife and my son!  Anastasia is the Business Manager and without her, I wouldn't have been able to open and operate such a wonderful facility.  Anastasia has her Masters degree in Marketing from Russia! My son has also been a great help when he comes to his Dad's office. I couldn't be more fortunate than to have a son such as him! I couldn't be more fortunate to have such a Family!

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Laser Therapy, Deep Tissue Laser, Laser, Pain, Inflammation, Neuropathy, Laser Massage

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This is My Family

Mitchell A. Hackerman, DPT, PT, Cert.MDT, SFMA, CMT, NMT, CFT - Doctor Of Physical Therapy

​After graduating from Rutgers University in 1984, Mitchell studied massage in West Palm Beach Florida at what was clled "The American Schools of Holistic Massage. During his studies in Massage he became enthralled with Neuromusclar Massage Therapy (NMT) and continued to attend courses leading toward certification in the NMT approach in Jauary of 1986. He was originally licensed in massage therapy by the state of Florida in October 1985. In an endeavor to increase his knowledge, he attended Richard Stockton College in Pomona, New Jersey graduating in 1991 with his degree in Physical Therapy. Doctoral Studies: College of St. Scholastica, Duluth, MN. His educational endeavors lead him to question previously learned concepts. As it turned out, many useful techniques involving massage/soft tissue mobilization were found to be beneficial in certain cases, but the timing and reason for using such procedures he has found to differ from what was taught to him previous to his college education.

Mitchell was certified in The McKenzie Approach to Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy June 1999; he was certified as a Fitness trainer September 1995 and to this day is heavily involved with continuing courses and self study relative physical therapy and rehabilitation. He has worked in numerous physical therapy settings and has been practicing in the health care and allied health care fields for over 20 years. He has been able to utilize his vast experience and knowledge to help his patients over the years and has often been able to help those who were unable to have success elsewhere. Mitch has taught seminars to allied health professionals, spoke on radio broadcasts and appeared on television discussing science based approaches for treating the spine.

Quote - "Every condition effects each individual person in a unique way." "There are numerous variables, hidden variables, that come into play when helping someone rehab." "The key is to examine how one's physical condition is effecting them, not only physically, but also emotionally and socially; and determine what course of action works best for that individual person." "This cannot be done in a setting in which the patient is placed on what is tantamount to an assembly-line in a factory to perform a predetermined, one-for-all treatment regimen which lasts for a predetermined time period." "Not everyone can do what is best for them in just 45 minutes." "What is good for one may not, and often isn't, good for all."

"We at Professional Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, PC are committed to providing The Best Physical Therapy Services Available Anywhere!" "Many facilities claim to be just as committed, however, we don't just 'talk-the-talk', we 'walk-the-walk' as cliche' and perhaps as corny as that may sound. "We have been growing fast by word-of-mouth alone." "You may have seen our advertisements regarding the ATM2 & Spinal Decompression / Traction." "We purchased two more fabulous machines so we have every possible plausible option to properly care for our patients." "We have also become the only South Jersey Shore area Rehabilitation facility to provide ASTYM!" "ASTYM is a very effective tool to get RELIEF from the most chronic, stubborn and painful conditions involving the soft tissues (e.g., Tendinosis, Tennis Elbow, Plantar Fasciitis, etc..). "Bells & Whistles" are never important in a physical therapy facility, it's the therapist who is important." "The is not just 'Bells & Whistles!" "The ATM2ASTYM & Spinal Decompression/Traction have proven to be extremely valuable and it is worth the expense to have yet other great options for treating pain!"

ATM2  , ASTYM & Spinal Decompression/Traction